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R.I.P. Whitney Houston

20120211-232316.jpg As you all have heard by now, the legendary, Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48. The cause of death has yet to be known, but people are speculating that it’s drug related. I first heard about this shocking news through Twitter; I thought that it was just another trending topic prank, but once CNN started reporting on it I knew it was real. It’s very shocking and sad to know that Whitney Houston is no longer with us; but a lot of news stations and people on Twitter are saying that, yes it is shocking, but because of her widely publicized drug problems, it was always in the back of everyone’s mind that this could one day happen. Regardless of what the cause of Whitney Houston’s death is, she was still a human being, a mother, daughter, friend…so we should all be very saddened by her passing. The world has lost yet another magnificent vocalist, she will be truly missed.