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Being Optimistic…Even While Sick

These past few months have been extremely hard for me, health wise. I’ve been in and out of the hospital so many times these last few months, it’s crazy. It seems like the older I get, the worse my Sickle Cell gets. I’m not going to lie, it worries me that my sickness is getting worse the older I get. That’s probably why a lot of people with Sickle Cell don’t live to an old age. But studies show that that’s changing, so I’m optimistic. I really just need to start taking better care of myself. I don’t do a lot of things that I should be doing in order to not get sick, but I’m going to really try from now on. Because all of these hospital visits are not cool. I had to have a blood transfusion last night, so I’m hoping that that’ll help me not get sick for awhile. I get to go home today, hopefully I won’t be back for awhile. There’s so much stuff I need to do but I can’t because I’m always sick. I’m also supposed to be going out of town July 4th, but I can’t let myself get excited about it because I can get sick and not be able to go. That’s why I don’t like planning for anything ahead of time, because I get sick right before or the day of. And that’s happened to me a lot, sadly. But like I said, I’m optimistic and believe that things will start getting better for me. Believe and ye shall receive!


What Sickle Cell Pain Feels Like

Having Sickle Cell, I’m often asked the same question over and over again: what does Sickle Cell pain feel like? Every time someone ask me this I never have a straight answer. The reason why is because Sickle Cell pain can’t be described to someone who doesn’t have it. I say that because Sickle Cell pain is literally like no other pain. People without the disease have never and will never feel this pain. All I can say is that it’s excruciatingly painful; as a matter of fact when you look up Sickle Cell pain that’s how it is always described: excruciating pain. It’s so painful that when I’m going through a crisis I often wonder how my body is able to stand so much pain (yes, it’s that bad). Different people at the hospital have asked me this, that’s why I’m writing this blog. And yes, I’m still in the hospital, sadly. They don’t know if they want to give me a blood transfusion or not. If they don’t, I’ll be able to leave tomorrow (fingers crossed). Later readers!

Still In The Hospital :(

Well, I know I said in my last blog that I was going home that day or the next…didn’t happen. I’m STILL in the hospital, the day I was to go home I started hurting all over again, but worse! It got so bad I couldn’t walk and had a fever. My foot swelled up so that made the pain ten times worse. They upped my meds and kept giving me Tylenol for the fever. So I’ve been in here for…I’m not even sure how many more days! I’m so ready to get out of here. Thankfully I’m able to walk now, that means the pain is subsiding, thank God. It’s late at night and I’m up typing this blog, I can’t even sleep I’m so ready to leave here! These pain meds they have me on can’t even get me to calm down enough to sleep. Oh well, only a few more days then I’m out. On a good note: I received the documents showing that legally Chris-Ty Designs is me and my moms new business name! I’m so excited about that, now I can make our business cards and not worry about someone trying to steal our name. So even though I’m in this hospital, I’m still getting things done for my business. Nothing is going to stop me from making that happen. Later readers!