Still In The Hospital :(

Well, I know I said in my last blog that I was going home that day or the next…didn’t happen. I’m STILL in the hospital, the day I was to go home I started hurting all over again, but worse! It got so bad I couldn’t walk and had a fever. My foot swelled up so that made the pain ten times worse. They upped my meds and kept giving me Tylenol for the fever. So I’ve been in here for…I’m not even sure how many more days! I’m so ready to get out of here. Thankfully I’m able to walk now, that means the pain is subsiding, thank God. It’s late at night and I’m up typing this blog, I can’t even sleep I’m so ready to leave here! These pain meds they have me on can’t even get me to calm down enough to sleep. Oh well, only a few more days then I’m out. On a good note: I received the documents showing that legally Chris-Ty Designs is me and my moms new business name! I’m so excited about that, now I can make our business cards and not worry about someone trying to steal our name. So even though I’m in this hospital, I’m still getting things done for my business. Nothing is going to stop me from making that happen. Later readers!



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