What Sickle Cell Pain Feels Like

Having Sickle Cell, I’m often asked the same question over and over again: what does Sickle Cell pain feel like? Every time someone ask me this I never have a straight answer. The reason why is because Sickle Cell pain can’t be described to someone who doesn’t have it. I say that because Sickle Cell pain is literally like no other pain. People without the disease have never and will never feel this pain. All I can say is that it’s excruciatingly painful; as a matter of fact when you look up Sickle Cell pain that’s how it is always described: excruciating pain. It’s so painful that when I’m going through a crisis I often wonder how my body is able to stand so much pain (yes, it’s that bad). Different people at the hospital have asked me this, that’s why I’m writing this blog. And yes, I’m still in the hospital, sadly. They don’t know if they want to give me a blood transfusion or not. If they don’t, I’ll be able to leave tomorrow (fingers crossed). Later readers!


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