A Happy Hospital Birthday

Hey readers! Long time, I know. Well, I’m sadly back in the hospital. I’ve been here now for almost two weeks; the cold weather that hurricane Sandy brought really messed me up. That first night it got cold is when I started hurting. When I got admitted into the hospital the pain became even worse. The first few days I wasn’t eating anything and couldn’t even walk on my own; plus I had a really high fever (104) that they kept trying to get under control. They gave me two blood transfusions, and that helped a lot. I’m feeling a lot better now, still hurting but nowhere near as bad as it was. Also, my birthday was yesterday. Yes, that means I spent my birthday in the hospital; it’s not like it was my first time spending a special day in the hospital though. I still can’t complain though, God allowed me to see another birthday it doesn’t matter where, as long as He allowed me to see it. My parents still tried to make sure I had a good birthday, they brought me a bunch of balloons for my hospital room and my birthday gift was a really nice watch and money, you can never go wrong with money lol. I thought I would be leaving today but my doctor came by last night and told me that they may have to take my port out today because of an infection. I’m not happy about that, at all. My port has been a life saver, it’s easy now for them to give me medicine and take blood. When I didn’t have my port they would have to stick me several times because my veins are so small and have collapsed. I really don’t want to have to go through all of that again; getting needles stuck in your neck because your veins are bad everywhere else, is no fun. They’re running some more tests to see if the port has to be removed, but if it does then it’ll happen sometime today or tomorrow. I hope the tests come back with good results. Well, that’s it for now readers, I’ll definitely keep you guys posted. Until then, bye!





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