Update To “A Happy Hospital Birthday”

Hello Readers! In my last blog I shared with you all that I was back in the hospital and that the doctor had told me my port was probably going to have to come out because of an infection. Well…sadly, they did take it out. The surgery to remove it took 3hrs, and since they were taking the port out they had to put in a central line (a needle in my neck) so I could continue to get my I.V. fluids and meds. When that was over I thought for sure I would be out of the hospital in the next few days, stay long enough for the infection to go away, then go home. Well that wasn’t the case; the next day I started having really bad pain in my right hip. I told my doctor thinking it was nothing but the Sickle Cell pain. He ordered a MRI and when the X-ray images came, it showed an abscess on my right hip where the pain was. So that was very unexpected for me. The doctors first wanted to stick a needle in and try to suck the fluid out; but they decided not to because of the size and location, it would have been too small to get to. So, they’re going to do another MRI sometime this week to see if it’s getting smaller on its own or not. They’ve been giving me LOTS of antibiotics for the infection and for the abscess. Hopefully when they do the MRI it’ll show that the ab-PAUSE-sorry, my nurse walked in just now to give my antibiotic and pain meds-CONTINUE-abscess has gone down. I’m BEYOND ready to get out of this hospital! I’ve been here now for 19 (yes 19) days! UGH!…..I swear I’m about ready to go mad here. Hopefully this will be the last week though, so I’ll try to hold onto my sanity for a little while longer (I’m not making any promises though, lol). Later Readers!




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