Finally Getting The Other MRI Done Today!

Well, today I’m finally going to have the other MRI done on my hip to see if the abscess has gone down any or not. The doctor said once we get this done we’ll go from there, it all depends on the results which step we’ll take from there. I’m praying it shows that it’s smaller, that’ll mean that the antibiotics have been working, but more importantly, it’ll mean I’ll be able to go home! I can take the antibiotic pills from home if they’re actually working. If the abscess hasn’t gone down…well, that’s a different story; if it hasn’t they’ll have to do the procedure where they stick a needle in the right side of my hip where the abscess is, and try to suck the fluid out. Hopefully it won’t come to that. I don’t know how many more different procedures I can take. Keep your fingers crossed Readers! And of course, I’ll keep you all up to date on what happens. Later! Oh and the picture is of the outside of the MRI room.



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