What’s Your Opinion??

Hey Readers! Bad news: The abscess hasn’t changed at all, it’s the same as when they did the first MRI. So, that means either the antibiotics aren’t working, or it’s going to take a lot longer before it takes affect. The doctor ordered them to perform the procedure to get the fluid out. My Primary Doctor came by this morning and said he didn’t think the procedure needed to be done, but that he understood why the other Doctor wants to do it. My Hematologist also said the same thing. My Primary Doctor said it was ultimately up to me whether I have the procedure done or not. I have no idea what to do…go through with the procedure and risk it not working, then I’ll have gone through the pain for nothing, or don’t do it and my hip will stay hurting until the antibiotics take affect…I don’t know what to do. To do the procedure, or not to do the procedure, now THAT is the question! HELP lol I have no idea what to do. Ugh…later Readers!



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