Not All Disabilities Are Visible

Hey Reader’s! So, today I was just brainstorming ideas on different blog topics to write about, and while brainstorming online, I came across this article about someone being judged for having a handicapped sticker. The person looked completely fine physically, so people jumped to conclusions, and thought the person was faking having a disability. A lot of people fail to realize that not all disabilities are seen by the naked eye. The amount of times I’ve been judged based on the way I look alone, is plentiful. The sad part is: most of the judging was from medical professionals. As a person with Sickle Cell, if I’m not screaming my head off in pain, a lot of Doctor’s think nothing is wrong with me. It’s sad, because they are the ones who should understand the most out of everyone. But, the negative treatment by Doctor’s is for another blog (stay tuned for that). I’ve needed to get a handicapped sticker for literally, years now, but one of the main reasons I haven’t is because I know how some people will look at me, and just assume I’m using someone else’s sticker, or lied about being disabled. Yes, physically I look fine, but what people fail to see are the days when I am so sick I can barely walk. Even when it’s not that bad, most days when I go out, I get very tired, to the point where my family usually have to bring the car up close to whatever place we’re at so I don’t have to walk all the way to the car. With a handicapped sticker, that obviously wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I absolutely hate hearing: “you don’t look sick”. Looks, as we should all know by now, can be deceiving. I was actually denied disability the first time, because the doctor who did the exam for it, literally told me I looked fine; then of course, a few weeks later I found out I was denied. The automatic judgement from people never ceases to amaze me. I’m going to stop worrying about what other people think, and just get the handicapped sticker. I’m not hurting anyone but myself by not having it. So please, don’t be so quick to judge someone in the future, because you never really know what that person is going through.

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