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Biting The Bullet

Hey Readers! Praying that everyone is doing the best they can during this panoramic. I have been doing well with my social distancing, but my health is another story. My health has been slowly declining to the point where I’ve had 4 very bad Sickle Cell crisis, back to back. I was actually doing really well, I hadn’t been in the hospital for a little over a year, and I was feeling good; now, not so much. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to endure all of these crisis’s at home. Due to the panera bread, I haven’t been able to go to the hospital; not because they won’t admit me, but because I’m scared of catching the virus. Even when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, I caught infections MANY times just from being in the hospital; it just became another part of the treatment in the hospital. My immune system is that compromised (I don’t want to say weak, because it has obviously done a hell of a job fighting each and every virus away). With that being said: I just don’t want to risk going to the hospital and catching Covid. So now, because I’m not getting the proper treatment I need, I just keep getting sick. My body is working overtime trying to heal me, and my hemoglobin (red blood cells) are so sickled now from not having any blood transfusions, that they don’t have time to be replenished between crisis’s. I keep telling my Primary Doctor, that I need a blood transfusion. She talked to my Hematologist and he said my hemoglobin wasn’t low enough for one. Usually when I’m in the hospital, they transfuse me when my hemoglobin level is a 6.1 or lower. When they checked this time it was a 6.7. Mind you, that’s still low! So, it really upsets me that I keep having to try to get them to understand that even though I’m not going to the hospital, I am having pain crisis just as bad as the ones I get hospitalized for. I know my body, I can literally feel when my blood is sickling. About a week ago, I had an appointment with my Hematologist, so I made sure to go, even though I’m still hurting. I get there, and of course I’m in even more pain now, and they can definitely tell. He asked if I was going to go to the hospital, and once I adamantly told him no, he seemed to realize just how much I’m against that now. So, he finally told me that the next time I started hurting, to call the office so that he can set something up, outside of the hospital. I was going to call to set something up, but with the way my body has been feeling, I honestly don’t think one day of treatment somewhere will do much. I’m going to just have to suck it up, and go to the hospital. When your body is in constant pain, it is incredibly draining mentally and of course physically. I hate it. I just want to have a nice, pain free day. I’ve talked to several different people whom also have Sickle Cell, and have been in the hospital. They have all said that the hospitals are doing a great job of keeping all the patients safe, so I’m slowly but surely becoming more comfortable with the thought of being in the hospital again. I was hoping to get vaccinated before my next hospitalization, but with the way my body is set up right now, that’s definitely not going to be the case. Speaking of the vaccine…that’s another thing that’s been on my mind lately. I was against getting the vaccine, at first. When I had my appointment with my Hematologist though, he changed my mind. Dr. Blyden is a great Doctor, and I trust his judgement on this subject more than my own; so when he said he definitely recommends that I and all Sickle patients get the vaccine, I’m going to trust his judgement on it. Especially when he said that people with SCD don’t do well at all, health wise, when they catch Covid. He said it in a way to not scare me, but I know he meant a lot of them have died from it. Well, I’ll see how I’m feeling in the next few days, and go from there. Remember to stay safe, and cautious during this panini, readers!