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When Will It End?

When will it stop? When will people realize we are all created equal, and should treat each other as such? I’m tired. I’m tired of constantly seeing black people killed for no reason other than the color of their skin! I have just come to the conclusion that it will never change. Black people have been fighting for equal rights for too long, and we’re still having to deal with the same racist people/government. Jacob Blake was shot IN THE BACK seven times by the police! While protests were going on for this senseless shooting, a 17 year old white male, Kyle Rittenhouse, was able to walk around freely with a AR-15 and shot 3 people, killing 2 of them. Racism is just so blatant now, it’s astonishing. There’s video of officers telling this male: “we appreciate you being here”, while he’s just casually walking around with this semi-automatic rifle. He was even handed a bottle of water from one of the officers in an armed vehicle. Once he shot these 3 people, he casually walked up to a group of police officers and told them that he shot someone. Did they arrest him then? No. They just let him walk on by, completely unharmed. Now, why is it that this white male is still alive after killing people, but Jacob Blake is paralyzed now because he turned his back on the police while trying to get away? So, that’s how it works now? Everyone that tries to flee from the police now don’t get tasered, tackled to the ground, chased, or any other number of tactics to arrest them? Or is this really just because of the color of his skin? Some people are so scared of black people because they feel like we are such a huge threat to them, that they feel the only way to go about things is to kill us. I really try to not let these racist things get to me, and change my viewpoint on things, but it’s getting harder to do. The world is becoming scarier by the day. There’s so many other things to be focused on besides the color of someone’s skin. I will never understand that level of hatred, and I don’t want to. I don’t know what the solution is, or if there ever will be one, but from the looks of it, we’re a long way away from that. I shouldn’t have to feel unsafe whenever I leave my house, because I don’t know if someone will try to harm me because of my skin. I’m tired of it. So sick of the hate.

George Zimmerman Verdict

As you all know, I usually only write blogs about living with Sickle Cell Disease; but this blog is going to be about something completely different. My heart is very, very, heavy right now; which is why I’m up early in the morning writing this blog. As you all know by now, the jury in the George Zimmerman trial came back with a Not Guilty verdict. I’ve been watching the trial from the beginning and I’m disgusted with the Justice System right now. When is it okay for a person (regardless race or gender) to follow a teenager, and ultimately kill him, for absolutely no reason?……I guess the answer to that question is: now. Being a neighborhood watchman did not give him, or anybody else, the right to stalk and kill a person. The major problem I have with this is that the Justice System is supposed to keep stuff like this from happening, not making it easy for people to literally get away with murder. I’m an African American woman that lives in Florida, and I don’t even feel comfortable leaving the safety of my home right now because of the craziness that is going on down here right now. My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon Martin, I can’t imagine what they must be going through right now. I have an older brother, and I worry about him walking the streets of Florida; if George Zimmerman found Trayvon Martin “suspicious” he definitely would have found my brother “suspicious” too, with his long dreads and urban wear; but if he actually took the time to ASK QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS, he would know my brother is a highly educated IT Specialist that works for three different Universities, and a great person. But when you have a person like George Zimmerman, they don’t want to ask questions, they already have their own opinions on people. That was evident in the 911 call, when he called Trayvon a “f*#&ing coon”. Regardless of whether or not Trayvon Martin was beating him up, that still did not give him the right to pull his gun and kill that young man; take your beating and walk away! You followed him, he felt threatened (which anybody would), and he defended himself, simple as that. So now young black men, especially here in Florida, can’t even walk the streets of their own neighborhood, let alone anywhere else, without looking over their shoulders and feeling unsafe. So now it’s a crime to be black?!….. As far as the Prosecution goes…I could write a whole blog on their many flaws, I completely agree with Nancy Grace, when she said it seemed like the Prosecutors just laid down and gave up. To me, all the State did was help the Defense win the trial. I hope the coming days are civil ones, because rioting will do absolutely nothing to help the situation. What’s done, is done, now we need to come together as a people and figure out how to change these laws and the way some people, like George Zimmerman, take advantage of laws like Stand Your Ground. I’ll definitely be praying for the Martin family, and for peace amongst us. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.