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My Easter Sunday

Hey my fellow Sickle Cell Warriors, and my lovely Readers! I just wanted to do a quick blog updating you all on how my hospital visit is going; this won’t be too long because I’m going to be doing a vlog soon also. Well, sadly I’m still in the hospital, I’ve been here now for a week and I’m sooo ready to leave! I thought for sure I would be leaving today, but of course, that’s not the case. The Doctor put me on a Magnesium I.V. drip, so I know I won’t bee going anywhere today. Hopefully tomorrow (fingers crossed). As you all know, today is Easter; I was really looking forward to being home with my family for today, but that’s not the case. I knew I wouldn’t be well enough to go to church or anything, but I would at least be able to spend Easter Sunday with my family, and have a nice big dinner with them. But, as my Warriors know all too well: Sickle Cell Disease has a mind of its own, and could care less about what we want to do, or have planned. So, here I am, alone and in the hospital on a holiday (once again). There is a bright side to this though… my parents came to the hospital, which I kinda figured they would. But when they got here, they had a gorgeous vase of white lilies and roses for me! They are so pretty, and the smell has the whole room smelling good. They also got me a big chocolate bunny, anyone that knows me, know I love chocolate. I know to some, this may not sound like much, but when you’re cooped up in the hospital with absolutely nothing to do, and you’re feeling down about being there, the littlest things can make you smile. Plus I don’t get flowers when I’m in the hospital, because I’m always there. Sadly, I’m not the only one that’s sick today: my brother is also sick. He started hurting today, and I think they said he was hurting all over, too…..but my brother is so hardheaded! He never goes to the hospital, he just stay home in terrible pain. I don’t know why he does that, especially when he is always lecturing me about going to the hospital. Oh well, I just hope he gets well soon, I hate when my brother is in pain, especially since I know exactly how bad that pain can be. Anyway, I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday, and to all my fellow Warriors: STAY STRONG!




Quote Of The Day


Hey Readers, I’m going to start back doing my Quote Of The Day, blogs. I really enjoy reading and finding the right one, I really hope you all enjoy them as well. When I read this one I could really relate to it; I may cry a lot when I’m in pain from a Sickle Cell crisis, or from frustration, but that by no means makes me a weak person, nor my fellow SC Warriors.

Optimistic and Ready For The Future!

Hey Readers, this blog is just going to be a little update of what’s been going on with me lately. Well, as some of you may recall, I was having very bad stomach pains for awhile. It was to the point where I was constantly in the hospital. Well, they finally figured out that it was the medicine they had me on that was causing the problems. Once we got the stomach pains under control, I was actually out of the hospital for a while, and doing good. I was able to finally plan something and not miss it because I was sick. I went to Orlando with my family, for a nice little visit with some of my family there. It was great to finally be out of the hospital, and doing things that are so simple but so enjoyable at the same time. I had a great time there. The day we left, I started hurting, but thankfully it didn’t get bad until after we had made it home. I ended up having to go to the hospital that same night. I’m still in here now, but I’m being released today, finally. I know this is going to sound weird but, I didn’t mind getting sick this time, I was just so thankful that it happened right after my trip to Orlando, and not during. So when the pain started, I just thanked God that He allowed me to enjoy my trip fully and waited until I got home for the crisis to happen. I know that may sound strange, but when you have Sickle Cell you know that a crisis can happen whenever, wherever. So you’re thankful when a crisis doesn’t happen when you’re out at events, or on trips; because you know it easily could have. You have to know which battles to fight. I’m optimistic though, I think that once I’m released from the hospital this time, I won’t be back for awhile. The reason I was in and out of the hospital before, was because of my stomach problems, not necessarily my Sickle Cell pain. So now that that’s taken care of, it should just be my Sickle Cell now, and I’m learning how to manage it better, also. I’ve been drinking lots of fluids, especially water, which I admit, I wasn’t doing before. It amazes me how, just drinking water can help so much in keeping me from getting sick. Whatever will help, I’m down for! So we’ll see what happens; I’m actually excited about the future, which I admit, I haven’t been for awhile now. Only because I was always sick, and not able to do anything. I think things are going to start changing for the better now, and I’m going to take you all along for the ride! Get ready, I can’t wait!



Waving The White Flag

Hello Readers! Well, I’m supposed to be released from the hospital today; I would usually be excited and more than ready to leave, but not this time. The reason I’m not is because I’m still having the same stomach problems. The Doctors all have different opinions on what the cause of the pain is, but they all agree that there is nothing they can do about it. I haven’t ate anything in the last 3 days, and I’ve been throwing up also. I know when I go home it’s only going to get worse. This has been a cycle for the past few years now. I just want one Doctor to come and actually try to figure out what the problem is, not guess. It’s so frustrating and draining coming back and forth to the hospital for the same problem. I already have to deal with having Sickle Cell, now I also have to deal with these terrible stomach problems. It’s one thing after another. I just want to disappear from it all, not have to feel anymore pain or visit anymore hospitals. I’m physically, mentally, spiritually, drained. I know God doesn’t put more on us than we can bare, but I feel like He’s pushing me to the max. I’m not a quitter, but I just feel like curling up in my bed and staying there. I’m only one person, my body can take only so much pain. I’m just tired, tired of it all. Sorry this blog is so gloomy, but it’s how I’m feeling right now, so…..

At My Limit Of Patience

Hey Readers! Today has been a very trying day for me. Remember I was supposed to be out of here Monday? Well, that wasn’t the case; I’m still in the hospital. The Doctor that was supposed to figure out if I could go home on oral pills or I.V. antibiotics, still didn’t know which one I needed. The lab was still testing my blood cultures, so he couldn’t do anything. I accepted that, but today I was sure he would have his answer. My Primary Doctor came in this morning, and he’s tired of this cat and mouse game too. He said he was going to call the other Doctor, and tell him he needs to figure out what to send me home on, and do it. But, of course, I haven’t heard anything from him, I don’t even know if he’s coming today. I’m just ready to go. On top of all of this, I’ve been feeling terrible all day. I’ve had a headache literally, all day long, and I’ve been feeling nauseous too. I want to get out of here before something else happens, and with the way things have been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. If they don’t discharge me by tomorrow, I’m going to sign myself out. There’s only so much patience a person has, and I’ve reached my limit. I really don’t want to miss Thanksgiving once again, so if that means signing myself out, that’s what I’ll do. I haven’t even been able to eat, just looking at the hospital food makes my stomach churn. Thank goodness, I have some other stuff besides that here to eat. Tomorrow I’m out of here, whether the Doctor has the results, or whether I sign out myself, I’m out of here! I want to go back to being the girl in the picture, not the girl laying up in the hospital…it’ll happen, I’m not going through all of this for nothing. I’ll let you all know what happens. Later, Readers!


Quote Of The Day

Hey Readers! This short but captivating quote really stood out to me, because it’s something I needed to be reminded of while going through my trials. I hope it inspires you all, like it has with me. Enjoy!

“Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr




Home For Thanksgiving?

Hey Readers! A lot has happened in the last two days since I wrote the last blog. Remember in my last blog I was debating on whether or not to go through with the procedure to have fluid sucked out of the abscess in my right hip? Well, I didn’t have to make a decision, my doctor made it for me. He had them do a C-SCAN on me which is different than a MRI. The problem however, was that because I have Sickle Cell, they couldn’t give me the contrast which would have allowed them to see exactly how much fluid is in the abscess. So, because of this, the doctor decided against having the procedure done. Since the abscess isn’t hurting me as badly as it was, he’s just going to continue with the antibiotics. Now, because he wants to do that, some other problems have arisen. He wanted to have a Pick-Line put in my arm because it’ll last longer than the central line (needle in my neck) I have now, and I could go home with it. Well, it turns out that since I’ve had a port before I’m no longer a candidate for the Pick-Line; because of placement and some other crap. They said I can have a Tunnel-Line put in though, but…..I’ll have to wait until MONDAY…MONDAY! When my nurse told me all of this (just this morning) I wasn’t even shocked anymore. Who knew one hospital visit could have this many things go wrong and happen?! So, come MONDAY, ugh, they will put in the Tunnel-Line, which is better than a Pick-Line it’s almost like the port I had so I can go home with it and it’ll last longer than the Pick-Line. The reason it’s important that I go home with one is because the doctor is going to send me home with I.V. antibiotics; since he decided not to do the procedure I’m going to have to be on antibiotics for weeks. The I.V. antibiotics will work faster than the pill form. I just want to go home, I don’t care what they do at this point, I just want them to do it so I can be out of here! Last year I missed Thanksgiving because I was in the hospital sick, I don’t want to miss it again. I already had to spend my birthday here, so I’ll be very disappointed if I miss it this year too. As always, I’ll keep you all up to date on what’s going on here, when I know something, you’ll know. Later Readers!