Made It Another Year!

(Well…I thought I published this the day of my birthday, but apparently I didn’t, so…here you go! A few days late, but it still sends the same message.) Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Well, the Lord has allowed me to see another birthday. Honestly, my birthday is never a big deal to me. Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m very thankful for another year of life. I was literally just sick every single year my birthday came around. It’s also nearly impossible to plan for a birthday, when you don’t know if you’ll be sick or not when it comes around. So, I’m just very low key when it comes to that. This year is a little different for me, though. When I was younger, I always just assumed that I wouldn’t live to see my 30s. Studies showed that people with Sickle Cell lived to their early 30s, at the most. So it was always just in the back of my mind that I would probably die before I turned 30. Now, to be sitting here at age 31, is just a blessing to me. I know the life expectancy of a Sickler has gone up since then, but with the progression of how sick I was getting every year: it still didn’t look that good for me. Thankfully, God has the final say, and because of Him, I’ve made it to my 31st birthday!


Feeling Good, Feeling Great!

Hey Readers! So glad to finally be writing again! I have been so sick, and family members have been having a lot of health problems too, so my blog had to be pushed to the back burner. Thankfully, for the past 3 months I’ve been out of the hospital, and feeling a lot better. 2016 and most of 2017, were really difficult years for me, health wise; so to finally be feeling better, and getting back into doing things that I love (like writing), is a huge blessing to me. I know to many people, being out of the hospital for 3 months sounds like nothing, but when you’re literally in and out of the hospital almost every two weeks, it’s a HUGE deal. The sad thing too is, when I was out of the hospital, I still wasn’t able to do anything because I would be too weak and recovering from being hospitalized; by the time I recovered, I would end up being sick again. So, it was just a vicious cycle for awhile. Now that my health is finally getting a lot better, I’m so excited to start working on things I’ve been wanting to do for years, now. That’s the reason for this blog today: to tell you guys about a book that I finally have a chance to work on! Of course, I can’t say exactly what the book will be about, just know that it does revolve around Sickle Cell Disease. I was going to do a book about my life living with SCD (which I still plan on doing) but I think the book that I’m starting to work on now is more important, and will be helpful to people living with SCD, and family members that may help care for them. This book is going to take a lot of time and effort, but I’m so ready to dive headfirst into this project. This book is going to require me to interview a lot of my fellow Sickle Cell Warriors, and some Doctors as well, so now that my health is starting to cooperate with me, I can get started on the interviewing process. I’ve already started drafting up information for the book, and the questions to ask, so everything’s off to a great start. I want this book to be really informative and helpful, because there is such limited books out there on Sickle Cell Disease; trust me, I’ve looked. Of course, this book is going to take some time to write, because of all that has to be done, but I wanted to at least let you guys know about it, especially my Warriors. As soon as I have all of my questions lined up, I will start lining up Sicklers to interview. If you want to be interviewed, just leave a comment on here for me, or just message me on Facebook: Tyeshia Rodgers. While working on my book, I’ll also be writing more blogs; I just feel so energized and good, after literally years of being so sick, ALL THE TIME, I have so much stuff I want to get done. I know I need to pace myself though, and continue doing what I have to do, in order to stay out of the hospital. I’m doing a good job so far, and hopefully will continue to do so. Okay Readers, that’s all for now, but expect another blog pretty soon!IMG_20171123_184202_502

I See Nothing Funny about Sickle Cell Disease

Hey my lovely Readers! Well, this blog is going to be a little different, so bare with me while I vent (just a little…maybe). Yesterday, a fellow Warrior, Brittani Burrage, shared a video that really disturbed me. I will definitely post the video here, so those of you that haven’t seen it, may do so. Now, before I go any further, let me first say: everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this just so happens to be MINE!! The video is of a little clip from the ending of the show: Key & Peele; for those of you who don’t know, that’s a comedy show. In the clip, one of the men (I don’t remember which is Key, and which is Peele) makes a joke about, how he’s glad to be mixed because he knows, somewhere in the world, there’s a black dude sitting at home with a little d**k and Sickle Cell. Where do I begin on the many things I find wrong, with this little comedy, “joke”… My first and biggest problem with this little comedy piece is: the only time we EVER hear anything about Sickle Cell Disease, is when it’s being joked about. Not only is it being joked about, but all the “jokes” about SCD are negative! If you’re going to mention SCD, why not do it in a positive light?? Like in the movie with Liam Neeson: A Walk Among the Tombstones. That’s the one, and only, movie where I’ve seen SCD portrayed the right way. Negativity to me, generates more negativity; so when you joke about something as serious as SCD, or ANY disease, in a negative way, all you’re doing is making people think of other people with that particular disease as less than, or not normal. I’m just like everyone else, why should I be made to feel like I should be quarantined, or something, just because I’m living with SCD?? The other problem I have with this is: we’re dying every single day, my living with Sickle Cell, isn’t a joke. The things we Warriors have to go through on a daily basis aren’t funny. Why is it that whenever you hear about Cancer, you hear about how brave the people are and how we need to raise awareness and money for research to find a cure? The answer: THAT’S WHAT YOU SHOULD HEAR!! They are brave, and courageous, and fighters, and guess what…so are people living with Sickle Cell Disease; but because ignorant people decide to “joke” about, and portray my sickness in a negative light, that’s what a lot of people feel about SCD, and I’m tired of it! I really don’t even want to go into the fact that, people still, in 2015..think of SCD as an African American disease. I have news for you my friend, since you’ve apparently been living under a rock for years, it’s not! I know people in the Sickle Cell community, who are so tired of this stereotype, because they are NOT African American, but have the disease. I know there are some people who won’t agree with this blog, including some of my fellow Sickle Cell Warriors; and that’s completely fine, like I said: this is just my opinion. I do know that some Sickler’s feel like well, at least they’re talking about SCD, and bringing awareness to the disease; my thoughts on that is, if you’re going to bring awareness to a disease, do it without causing hurt, and in my opinion, shame/embarrassment to people with the disease. Imagine, if the same show had done a great comedy skit about someone living with Sickle Cell…instead the writers chose to be followers, and were negative like everyone else. Who knows what type of shame, or sadness, that could have brought on maybe some young person living with SCD, or anyone with Sickle Cell…I guess they don’t think about things like that, or care. Okay Readers, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this, because it was really weighing heavily on my mind. Thanks for reading, maybe someone who has negative feelings toward people with Sickle Cell Disease, will read this and have a change of heart. Later!

Just Let Me Vent!

Hey Readers! I’ve been sick a lot lately, so I haven’t been able to blog the way I would like. Not to worry though, I’m back on my writing now, so I’ll be updating you guys a lot. This blog is basically going to be me venting, so bare with me. Well, as you all know by now, I have Sickle Cell Disease; and it’s very true that in a lot of ways I’m not able to do what other people can. I get that – hate it – but I get it. The problem I have with this is when everybody treats me like I’m going to literally break if I try to do ANYTHING! I understand that I have to pace myself when doing things, but dang!… that doesn’t mean my life should come to a complete halt and sit around doing nothing day-in and day-out. I don’t think people really understand how demeaning that is. Don’t get me wrong, I know that when someone does this to me, it’s done out of love; but I’m a grown woman, it feels terrible to always be looked at as less than. I’m mostly seen as this sickly person that needs to be looked after, it just sucks… I try not to let stuff like this get to me – because once again – I know it’s not done in a malicious way; but I’m only human, so of course it does get to me at times. I mean really, how old do I have to get before people start seeing me as an adult?? Logically I know that my age isn’t the problem, it’s the sad but very real fact that I have a disease that is killing people daily. So, I guess all I can do is understand the reason I am treated the way I’m treated, but also continue to try getting them to understand my point of view. Writing these blogs also help, it’s my way of venting and getting things like this off my chest. I’m not mad though, more frustrated than anything. I love my family to death though, so I can’t hold this against them, when I know they’re just trying to protect me the best way they know how. Alright Readers, I’m going to keep this blog short. Later guys!


My Easter Sunday

Hey my fellow Sickle Cell Warriors, and my lovely Readers! I just wanted to do a quick blog updating you all on how my hospital visit is going; this won’t be too long because I’m going to be doing a vlog soon also. Well, sadly I’m still in the hospital, I’ve been here now for a week and I’m sooo ready to leave! I thought for sure I would be leaving today, but of course, that’s not the case. The Doctor put me on a Magnesium I.V. drip, so I know I won’t bee going anywhere today. Hopefully tomorrow (fingers crossed). As you all know, today is Easter; I was really looking forward to being home with my family for today, but that’s not the case. I knew I wouldn’t be well enough to go to church or anything, but I would at least be able to spend Easter Sunday with my family, and have a nice big dinner with them. But, as my Warriors know all too well: Sickle Cell Disease has a mind of its own, and could care less about what we want to do, or have planned. So, here I am, alone and in the hospital on a holiday (once again). There is a bright side to this though… my parents came to the hospital, which I kinda figured they would. But when they got here, they had a gorgeous vase of white lilies and roses for me! They are so pretty, and the smell has the whole room smelling good. They also got me a big chocolate bunny, anyone that knows me, know I love chocolate. I know to some, this may not sound like much, but when you’re cooped up in the hospital with absolutely nothing to do, and you’re feeling down about being there, the littlest things can make you smile. Plus I don’t get flowers when I’m in the hospital, because I’m always there. Sadly, I’m not the only one that’s sick today: my brother is also sick. He started hurting today, and I think they said he was hurting all over, too…..but my brother is so hardheaded! He never goes to the hospital, he just stay home in terrible pain. I don’t know why he does that, especially when he is always lecturing me about going to the hospital. Oh well, I just hope he gets well soon, I hate when my brother is in pain, especially since I know exactly how bad that pain can be. Anyway, I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday, and to all my fellow Warriors: STAY STRONG!



Sickle Cell Disease Crisis In The Hospital Video/Vlog

Hey Readers! I just uploaded another video for you all on my YouTube page. Check it out and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment!! This video wasn’t all that long; I just wanted to let y’all know what’s going on with me while it’s happening, not months later. Let’s get Sickle Cell Disease awareness out there people!